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JP-S5395848-A: Gas shielded arc welding patent, JP-S5396065-A: Method and apparatus for forming urethane foam patent, JP-S5397528-A: Finger trainer patent, JP-S5397697-A: Safety device for grinder patent, JP-S5397698-A: Electrospark working method patent, JP-S5399463-A: Method of producing electric contact band patent, JP-S53994-A: Driving system for matrix of storage type liquid crystal element patent, JP-S54100429-A: Aqueous coating composition patent, JP-S54102093-A: Device for measuring visual field with means for instantaneously firing fluorescent black lamp patent, JP-S54102572-A: Vacuum breaker patent, JP-S54103883-A: Insulin derivative and its manufacture patent, JP-S54104072-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S54104728-A: Vertical synchronizing unit patent, JP-S54105309-A: Interchangeable nozzle device patent, JP-S54105385-A: Rolled paper cutter patent, JP-S54107866-A: Periphery formation of cylindrical metal container patent, JP-S54108985-A: Intermittent feeder patent, JP-S54110817-A: Device for purifying foil band having magnetic layer patent, JP-S54110968-A: Dust remover patent, JP-S54111083-A: Temperature controller patent, JP-S54111882-A: Tester which automatically sets reference value patent, JP-S54112271-A: Knitting of double surface type inserted pile warp knitted cloth patent, JP-S54112878-A: Specific optical isomer of 22aminoethyll 1*44benzodioxanes*their manufacture and pharmaceutical composition containing them patent, JP-S54113045-A: Protective relay patent, JP-S54113275-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S54113803-A: Motor patent, JP-S54115279-A: Electric insulation trouble detector patent, JP-S54115922-A: Erasable crayon patent, JP-S54116588-A: Sequence controller patent, JP-S54116651-A: Gas insulating electrical machinery and apparatus patent, JP-S54118046-A: Holding tool patent, JP-S5411804-A: Apparatus for controlling material distribution in blast furnace patent, JP-S54118464-A: Manufacture of foam patent, JP-S5411853-A: Underwater welding device patent, JP-S54119057-A: Diet food and production patent, JP-S54119101-A: Well pump patent, JP-S54119147-A: Electric cooker patent, JP-S54120392-A: Cooling device of reactor patent, JP-S54120756-A: Production of slub yarn patent, JP-S5412235-A: Connection switching unit of data terminal system patent, JP-S54122377-A: Resin molding with hinge patent, JP-S54122637-A: Cooling of strand in continuous casting installation patent, JP-S5412340-A: Process for preparing phenylacetate derivative patent, JP-S54125662-A: Tricyclic compound and manufacture patent, JP-S54127124-A: Lighting roof patent, JP-S5412814-A: Cassette eject buffer mechanism for tape recorder patent, JP-S54129013-A: Supporter or carrier of alumina catalyst* preparation and application thereof patent, JP-S5412925-A: Erasing instrument for pencil patent, JP-S54129413-A: Reduction gear for small size motor patent, JP-S54129868-A: Cathode support patent, JP-S54129987-A: Thyristor patent, JP-S54131120-A: Method of connecting transportation pipe with joint patent, JP-S54131683-A: Release packaging film patent, JP-S54131762-A: Metalized dielectric capacitor patent, JP-S54131989-A: Airtightness inspection method of pipe weld points patent, JP-S54134172-A: Production of decorative sheet and plate patent, JP-S5413418-A: Mold for casting ingot patent, JP-S54134979-A: Semiconductor oxidation unit patent, JP-S54135186-A: Sea weed taking and breeding method and apparatus by parallel multi layer or amorphous layer rotor patent, JP-S54135336-A: Power source provided with redundancy patent, JP-S54138212-A: Friction pad assembled body of brake for railway rolling stock patent, JP-S54139757-A: Liquid level indicator patent, JP-S54140154-A: Stabilized dc power source equipment patent, JP-S5414216-A: Magnetic head for audio equipment patent, JP-S54142592-A: Compression terminal with spring arm type contactor for edge card connector patent, JP-S54142696-A: Monkey spanner patent, JP-S54143203-A: Rotating speed detector of turntable patent, JP-S54143305-A: Aqueous ink patent, JP-S54143691-A: Method of lightttoosound spectroscopy patent, JP-S54143960-A: Deflection air current generator in fluid dryer patent, JP-S54146080-A: Magnetic coagulator patent, JP-S54146199-A: Device for packing in bag patent, JP-S54146334-A: Error detector of wheellslip control system and its method patent, JP-S54146369-A: Fork lift with turning forks patent, JP-S54148713-A: Manufacture of carboxylic acid ester patent, JP-S54149444-A: Automatic cash payment system patent, JP-S54149844-A: Mechanical interlock device of machinery and apparatus patent, JP-S54150088-A: Test device for ic lead bend patent, JP-S54150597-A: Treating device of radioactive waste liquid patent, JP-S5415106-A: Magnetic continuous material transfer system patent, JP-S54151449-A: Sequential control signal generator for copier patent, JP-S54151621-A: Rush-like structure having improved properties patent, JP-S54152332-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-S541534-A: Power steering device patent, JP-S54154164-A: Piping incorporating pipe cleaning means patent, JP-S54154940-A: Magnetic bubble element patent, JP-S54155622-A: Method of executing outer heat insulating wall body patent, JP-S54155699-A: Method of transcribing fingerprint patent, JP-S54156577-A: Measuring apparatus of pressing force of side tires patent, JP-S54156589-A: Method of measuring durability of metal with elastic region patent, JP-S54157238-A: Compound electrode for storage battery patent, JP-S54157365-A: Ice plant patent, JP-S54157548-A: Silyl compound patent, JP-S54157796-A: High purity mordenite type crystalline zeolite production patent, JP-S54158749-A: Heat pipe sealing method patent, JP-S54158990-A: Mass spectrograph for detecting multiple ions patent, JP-S54159461-A: Manufacturing of decorative sheet patent, JP-S54159496-A: Preparation of aqueous solution of cationic thermosetting resin patent, JP-S54159547-A: Synchronous gear joint patent, JP-S54159690-A: Peeling-free connector for coaxial cable patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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